Ashley + Darren / Moab Wedding Photographer

Watching the mood of the photos shift with the setting of the sun is one of my favorite things. I love light— the time of day is like choosing a flavor and evening at Dead Horse Point is some of the most dramatic and best light around. Annnnd Ashley + Darren pretty much slayed this session like they were born for this. Obsessed. { [ Moab wedding photographer, Moab elopement photographer, desert Moab photoshoot , engagement photos in Dead Horse Point ]

Megan + Uvis

Moab Wedding Photographer / Moab Adventure Elopement / Moab Photographer

Trying to play it cool when I’m mentally freaking out about how awesome everything about this session was! Loved wandering around with these two, hearing how they met, fell in love (both collegiate swimmers— wow! He’s from Europe— another wow!) and watching the sun dip lower over the horizon. I have the best job. For real.

Hannah + Chris / Moab Wedding Photographer

This adventure elopement in the Moab, Utah desert was absolute perfection. Chris and Hannah are both climbers who love to come to Moab. We talked about where to go for their adventure desert elopement and this spot was just what they were hoping for. I love it when couples bring their families and closest friends to celebrate their union as well. So glad I could be part of this beautiful national park wedding!

Lindsey + Cory / Moab Wedding Photographer

The forecast was ominous but it didn’t faze these two at all. They went for it and the result was pure magic. Rain, sun, rainbows, clouds, drizzle, fog— we pretty much had it all. I cannot wait to shoot their Moab wedding in two months!

Marcela + Justin / Moab Photographer

Marcel and Justin’s elopement at Arches National park was so incredible. They were so relaxed and really left the location choice and schedule of photography up to me, which was great! It meant I was able to choose which locations would look best. Justin woke up early and climbed the Three Gossips in Arches with his groomsmen and still had enough time to dress and make it to the wedding. These two met climbing and working in Yosemite, so it was fitting that they would choose a climbing destination like Moab for their wedding with family and friends.

Moab Wedding Photographer / Moab Elopement Photographer

Isha + Mark / Moab Wedding Photographer

When Isha and Mark told me that they wanted to capture their love for the city, the outdoors and Isha’s Indian heritage, I was totally on board. We had a fabulous (and freezing) time wandering the desert and swapping outfits in crazy locations. I was amazed by their great attitude, their ease in front of the camera and their vision. Loved every minute working with these two wonderful people.

Moab Elopement Photographer / Moab Wedding Photographer / Moab Adventure Photographer

Megan + Joe / Moab Wedding Photographer

It was a complete downpour in the morning. One of those summer rains that comes out of the blue and drenches the desert. It is always a leap of faith to get ready for your outdoor wedding during one of these monsoons, but they usually end about as fast as they start. And it is almost always a guarantee to have some of the best sky photos the desert can offer. This small wedding was just perfection.

Karey + Marc / Moab Elopement Wedding Photographer

One of those Moab weddings where I could NOT stop smiling… like ear-to-ear. These two just kept getting more amazing. First, they met while living in Holland (Marc is Dutch) and fell in love. Their relationship grew despite living on different continents. Then, Karey was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. And they beat it. The odds, the distance, the universe. And then decided to come to Karey’s special place: Moab, Utah, where they made their union official! I loved being a part of this… and her style is sooooo fun. Totally unique and creative.

Moab Elopement Photographer Moab Wedding Photographer Dead Horse Point Sunset

Lexie + Andrew // Moab Wedding Photographer

I love photographing a couple before their wedding day. Getting comfortable in front of the camera is such a big part of taking engagement photos. Getting to work with Lexie and Andrew prior to their wedding and then again on the big day made everything seamless. These two unique and beautiful people were amazing to work with.

Allie + Joe Whispering Oaks / Moab Wedding Photographer

Allie and Joe chose to divide their session between two days: 7 hours coverage at Whispering Oaks and 2 hours coverage at Canyonlands National Park. Their gorgeous dinosaur-themed (he proposed at a dino-quarry!) Moab wedding was absolutely beautiful. Loved every minute with these two!