Megan + Paul // Moab Photographer

The morning of their wedding in Moab was quite the storm. A complete downpour for hours and then it all stopped, the clouds broke open and the sun lit up the whole landscape. It was one of those afternoons that you knew was going to be amazing and I couldn't wait to get started photographing! Megan + Paul were such an awesome couple and let me tell you, I LOVE when a couple says, "So, why don't you tell where we should go and when..." because that means the photos will be amazing . . . 

Molly + Mia // Moab Photographer

As a mom, I know how much I cherish photos of my girls. I also know how rare it is that I get to be the one in front of the camera with them instead of clicking away behind the lens or iphone. I really believe that parents will treasure the photos they have interacting with their children!  I was honored that Molly asked me to photograph her mother/daughter session here in Moab and we had such a great time! 

Tanner Senior Session // Moab Photographer

Tanner's favorite place in the whole world is Moab, UT and so naturally he had to get his senior photos in red rock country. I'm still working on convincing the seniors in Moab to head to canyons, cliffs and arches instead of the trees and fields for their senior photos! Moab's backdrop is so phenomenal!

Aulora + Ivan // Moab Wedding photographer

Looooved getting to hang with these guys at their wedding a few weeks ago! I laughed and cried and enjoyed every minute of the beautiful afternoon and evening. Scroll down to see their adorable baby, his Scottish kilt and tartan, their wedding bagpiper and her vintage-glam look. Moab weddings are always stunning, am I right?! 

Marc + Emery

Dead Horse Point was a gorgeous backdrop for their destination wedding... even if some of the relatives were a little terrified of the edge! I always love hearing a couple's vows for each other and end up tearing up right along with the guests as I catch a glimpse of their commitment. What an honor to witness. I never forget the couples I work with and I walk away with a little piece of them with me. Congratulations, Emery + Marc and thank you for letting me be a part of your wedding here in Moab!  

Jonna + Josh // Moab Arches Wedding Photographer

Moab draws people from all over the world who come to elope under the huge natural red arches and towering cliffs. Jonna first contacted me last spring and it was so fun helping her narrow down where in Arches and around Moab to hold the intimate ceremony. It turned out so beautifully! I loved the way she and her husband adored each other and the children. It is so easy to capture LOVE when it's real and genuine. And his green suit was on point against the redrock backdrop. 

Shaynee + Sabin // Moab Photographer

It's not very often I get the opportunity to photograph a bride rappelling in her wedding dress... although believe it or not, this wasn't the first time! It was incredible to rappel into nature's cathedral and then watch them get married on the arch instead of under it. It brings a whole new meaning to "tying the knot." I especially loved that they involved both of their families into the experience. 

Heather + Leif Wedding // moab photographer

Maybe it was the fact that they quoted two of my favorite books during their ceremony and they loooooove all of the same spots in Moab I do, but this wedding won my heart.  These two math whizzes were endearing and completely in love. The highlight of the reception were the toasts... the wedding party knocked it out of the park with their phenomenal/sweet/teary/hilarious speeches. So so glad I could meet these two and be a part of their beautiful mountain wedding.

Makenna + Tyler // Moab Photographer

This bohemian wedding was one of my favorites. The whole thing looks like a dream. I love Makenna's look: her dress, the asymmetrical garden bouquet, the red nails, the breeze blowing her hair-- the whole day (not to mention the perfect light) was on point! So glad I could wander around with these two and capture what they feel for each other. 

Allie + Joe // Moab Photographer

I met these two in Moab last fall when I photographed their engagements. I immediately fell for how genuinely happy and real they were. I couldn't wait to photograph their wedding! And as you can see, It was absolutely everything I knew it would be: stunning, original, full of laughter, loving family, great friends with awesome dance moves and fabulous food. I was so pleased to be able to photograph their couples session the next day when we were relaxed, unhurried and could enjoy the beautiful vistas at Canyonlands National Park. And the dinosaur theme was so darling-- they fell in love at a dinosaur site in Southern Utah! 

Ashley + Andy // Moab Photographer

I seriously love the couples I have the chance of working with. Ashely was so calm when the rain started to pour and the ceremony location was switched to indoors. They both just went with it and celebrated each other, their union and their family and friends. And they didn't bat an eyelash when I suggested we head out into the drizzle for their couples session.