Castle Valley Viewpoint - Sunset location

Why I love it with a monument-valley feel, desert plants, and beautiful sunlight this is one of my favorite spots. Iconic Castleton Tower sits in the backdrop when we shoot here. Pink glow in the setting sun and moody grey in a storm. I love the color of the dirt and the balsam root blooming in the spring. It’s right off the road and outside of all the parks. If you want to avoid crowds and entrance fees this is it!

Avoid this area if you’ve got a long dress and you don’t want to take it home marked with some southern Utah red dirt.

Corona Arch - Sunrise or sunset adventure session

Why I love it this location has it all: epic arch, varnished sandstone walls, big boulders, and a fun hike to get there. It is stunning. This is a popular hike, but has a fraction of the people compared to the Windows in Arches. The 1.5 mile hike weeds out a lot of people and those that go usually do so midday. Let’s go early or late to beat the crowds and enjoy the gold and blue hours of light.

Avoid this area if hiking 3 miles (round trip), climbing a ladder and navigating moki steps isn’t your thing or doesn’t fit with your schedule. You need 2.5-3hrs for this location. This is considered an adventure session and requires more time and preparation.

Fisher Towers - Sunset location

Why I love it the most Mars-like, red and purple rock around. Let’s go here for out-of-this world photos. I love using this area for couples staying at nearby Sorrel River Ranch and Red Cliffs Lodge. The winding trail offers lots of places to shoot with a variety of views and textures.

Avoid this area if you don’t want to hike. There are lots of pebbles on top of slickrock and running around out there can be a challenge.