Erin + Andrew // Moab Wedding Photographer

Cannot say enough about how down-to-earth awesome this couple is! I love hearing the speeches and these left me laughing and crying at the same time. I love being a fly-on-the-wall to witness the incredible relationships and love that exist between not only the couples, but their friends and their families as well. [ Moab Wedding Photographer at Moab Under Canvas Wedding ]

Kristine + Rob Desert Session // Moab Wedding Photographer

Not sure I've every seen a bride scramble up sandstone and even pull a bouldering move in her wedding dress until now! These two were all about the adventure and I couldn't be more happy about how stunning the session was. No problem sporting a few scrapes on her knees from their week mountain biking or getting ready in their camper van. How do I get such to hang out with such cool couples and capture their personalities in a place they love? 

Kristine + Rob // Moab Wedding Photographer

One of the most magical weddings-- everything about it was filled with laughter, joy and beauty. Some of the highlights from this wedding included the bride's original song during the ceremony, the hilarious group of friends, the four-day itinerary that included biking the Whole Enchilada (from the mountains all the way to Moab), the tender father-daughter dance and the couple's obvious love for each other and their family and friends. Such an honor to capture the moments. 

Christina + Mat // Moab Wedding Photographer

It's amazing to watch family and friends rally around a couple and support them one-hundred percent. When these two were overseas, their family took over the planning and organization of the wedding and their love for them was so evident! Watching the sunrise over Dead Horse Point right as they made their vows to one another was incredible. Annnnnnd, y'all know I like to wax poetic on here, but seriously-- promising yourself to someone right at daybreak surrounded by loved ones helps me realize we're in this life surrounded by light, love and the ones we need the most. Reception at Gold Bar Campground shot by the talented Leslie Allred and edited by me. 

Suzanne + Joel // moab Wedding pHotographer Mesa Arch

I was a park ranger at the Island in the Sky for two years and never went to Mesa Arch at sunrise. I had heard it was crazy-town with photographers vying for their spot beneath the arch. So after a decade in Moab, I finally made my way there. Annnnnd, it was magic. Magic light, magic couple, magic scenery that looks right out of a Sierra Club calendar. And it was real! 

Suzanne + Joel // Moab Wedding Photographer Dead Horse Point

If I could share one thing with brides that I’ve learned photographing almost 100 intimate desert weddings and elopements, It is this: don’t worry about a little dirt on your dress or sand on your feet. Don’t worry when the wind blows your perfectly done hair or when the elements threaten to steal away the perfect bluebird sky from your photos – just embrace it. Embrace every single piece of it, because it’s the real moments that you’ll remember the most. Those real moments and that real love. These two nailed it. 

Alek + Cody // Moab Wedding + Portrait Photographer

Shooting couples at Double Arch always seems so appropriate. Despite it's popularity, Double Arch is one of my absolute favorites because how on earth did that happen?! Two arches in one location so perfectly complementing one another, mutually making each other more beautiful and magnificent? And defying logic by floating above you in the air? It's a little like love, if you know what I mean ...

Crystal + Andrew // Moab Wedding Photographer

Maybe I'm biased, but honestly is there anything more incredible than red rock with that white dress? I love the glamor of this session and how much drama it adds to the photos. The hair, the red lips, the beautiful lighting... it was all so incredible. And this girl was so adventurous! She scaled a rock in her wedding dress! 

Crystal + Andrew // Moab Wedding Photographer

Red Cliffs Lodge along the Colorado River is the ideal setting for a large destination wedding. I was so surprised when I arrived the day of the wedding and heard that Crystal had hiked to Delicate Arch that morning! But seriously, what better way to begin your wedding day. Her attention to detail, the beautiful succulents, the watercolor invitations and the painted geodes as place cards were all perfection. The whole wedding was as gorgeous as the scenery that surrounded it. And a note to anyone considering a larger wedding: splitting your couples session into two days is totally the way to go. Slow paced, peaceful, great light and just us getting the photos you dreamed of. 

Abigail + Conner // Moab Photographer

Three years ago I photographed Abigail with her family here in Moab. They've been coming here for years and so when she and Conner got engaged, they HAD to come to Moab for a bridal/groomal shoot. It was so fun to see her again and photograph these two. I don't think I've had a better first look reaction or more laughter in a session! And can I tell couples that although wind can be difficult, it adds so much movement and beauty to your photos!