Double Arch - Sunset and Sunrise location

Why I love it these double arches are some of biggest and most impressive in all of Moab. This spot is THE location for sunrise because literally everyone is at the North Window arch watching the sunrise. They are HUGE, amazing, and a very short walk from the trailhead. There is a secret spot away from tourists just around the corner where I often take people.

Not good for super busy weekends in the evening. Since it’s close to the road, this area can be very busy. The Park Service does not allow wedding ceremonies here, but photo sessions before or after a ceremony are fine.

Sand Dune Arch - All day location

Why I love it this is a GREAT location for middle-of-the-day shoots or hot days. It is in a beautiful redrock corridor sandwiched between two fins. Wearing flats or even going barefoot is great here since its like being at the beach with all the sand. I love that this location has so many options in such a small space: an arch, a small slot canyon, HUGE impressive rock walls and even a beautiful area with trees. Expect dramatic lighting in your shots— with the high walls and open corridor it in like naturals cathedral and my favorite location for a ceremony in arches (it’s allowed here!)

Not good for winter, heels, wind. If it’s a cold day this place is a refrigerator. You’ll have to ditch the heels to walk through the sand. And we’ll pick somewhere else if it’s windy out as this can turn into a sand blasting wind-tunnel.

Windows - Sunrise or sunset location

Why I love it the light at the Windows in the morning is gorgeous. The Windows are a short hike and you get access to three arches: north window, south window and turret arch. I don’t shoot this area in the evening unless it’s the off season because it’s too crowded, but sunrise it always great. I love this area for summer sunrise sessions where we can beat the heat. This is a great spot for someone who wants a short hike, lots of arches, and doesn’t mind sharing the area with other folks around.

Avoid this area if waking up early doesn’t fit with your plan or you don’t like crowds. This is only available for sunrise sessions May-Oct (the first 4 photos are sunrise, the last four are sunset).

Park Avenue - All day location

Why I love it this is actually one of my absolute favorite views in arches, despite not having an arch! The trail goes down a beautiful canyon flanked by vertical rock walls and spires. I love that it’s easy to avoid crowds and feel like you have the place to yourself. We can move around to find the right lighting any time of day here.

Avoid this location if you are dead set on having an arch in your photos! You won’t find one here.

Delicate Arch - Sunrise or sunset location

Why I love it here it is: the most iconic arch in the world. It’s a 1.5 mile uphill hike to the arch and the views are worth it. Set on the edge of a big sandstone bowl overlooking the La Sal mountains in the distance, this is a place you won’t forget. The lighting is best at sunrise or sunset.

Avoid this location if you don’t want to hike 3 miles round-trip. It is also usually crowded and we’ll be in a bit of rush to fit in your shots before the crowd mobs us.

Pine Tree Arch - Sunrise location

Why I love it it’s beautiful, unique, and there is no one around. At only 1/4 mile from the trailhead I’m not sure how this stays off the radar but it’s normally very quiet. if you want an intimate ceremony at a unique location with beautiful light this is your spot. Lighting is best at sunrise.

Avoid this location if you’re only time slot for a shoot is late in the day.